Variety on King William Road Menu Launch


Disclaimer: I was a guest at the launch

20151001_124633Ichitaro Dining’s canapés

If you’ve been reading for a year or more, you’ll know that last year I attended the menu launch for the annual Variety on King William Road lunch, which is part of the Adelaide Fashion Festival. If you know me personally you’ll know I wasn’t invited on account of my sartorial awesomeness … I was fortunate enough to be invited again this year but unfortunately I’m not able to bring you a wrap up of the entire menu because real life (that is, work) got in the way of what should have been a smashing afternoon out. However, I was able to attend the very first part of the launch and, from what I saw, yet again, punters will be spoiled with a very impressive showing from the restaurants and providores of King William Road. Our experience started at Ichitaro Dining with a glass of bubbles and two of the canapés: a sushi style morsel including both quinoa and rice and some crispy chicken, marinated in yuzu and topped with an edamame based paste. Definitely keep your eyes out for this one!


At Bottega Rotolo

We then headed down the road to Bottega Rotolo for more canapés. A leek and Gruyère quiche was pipped by the lovely crème fraîche tartelette, served with smoked salmon. As there were some left overs, I was not the only person sneaking in a second helping …


Faraja’s stuffed chicken breast

Next door, Faraja was ready to serve us the first of the mains. A chicken breast, stuffed with spinach and hazelnuts topped with an orange hollandaise and served with asparagus and a potato galette. I’m not a huge fan of orange so the hollandaise didn’t really float my boat but the chicken was well cooked and the stuffing was great (it seems such like an obvious combination now I’ve eaten it).

Unfortunately, at this point I had to leave so I missed out on the other main course (a Spring lamb salad by Parisi’s) and dessert (a chocolate tart by By Blackbird and a lime custard by Mulot’s).

On Thursday we had amazing weather, unbelievable transport provided by Mercedes-Benz Adelaide and were joined by the face of Variety on King William, Katya Komarova. The actual lunch will be held on Friday 23 October and guests will dine on a closed off section of the road. Tickets are $140 a head and can be purchased at King William Road. Lunch kicks off at midday.

If you can’t make lunch, you will still be able to join in as the footpaths will be open as will all shops, restaurants and cafés.

Huge thanks to Little Lion PR for the invitation to the launch event – it’s always interesting to meet bloggers who write about things other than food and (in the case of fashion bloggers) check out what they are wearing!

Chocolate Chip Biscuits (or Cookies, if you must)


For some reason, we are not big chocolate chip biscuit makers in this household. This does not mean that we are not enthusiastic consumers of said comestible. I LOVE them and when the mid-morning or mid-afternoon hunger pangs hit at work I’ll often nip next door to the café and buy one.

I suspect the lack of home production stems more from the fact that we rarely have biscuits in the household full stop. However, last Friday afternoon Master 4 and I were off to a play date and I asked him what he wanted to take. Cue a search for a quick, simple chocolate chip biscuit recipe that wouldn’t require multiple trips to the shops.

Luckily (as always) UK’s Delicious came to the rescue with this recipe. For anyone cooking with a child, it’s easy (OK – we do have a stand mixer!) and they will love eating the mixture, shaping the biscuits and pressing in the chocolate chips. As you can see from the photo, four chocolate chips per biscuit is woefully inadequate!

These biscuits strike, for me at least, the right balance between crispy and chewy. I think that that’s down to the combination of caster and light brown sugars. Make sure you use a good quality vanilla essence as the flavour does really shine through (especially if you are mean on the choc chip count and also if the biscuits last a couple of days). If you’re going to beef up the chocolate content, then you could probably omit the vanilla altogether.

We’ve really enjoyed eating these and as they were super quick to do I’m sure they’ll be making more regular appearances in our kitchen.

Chocolate Chip Biscuits


  • 100g unsalted butter, softened
  • 100g caster sugar
  • 100g light brown sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tsp vanilla bean paste (or good quality extract, or omit altogether)
  • 165g plain flour
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • ½ tsp bicarb
  • chocolate chips - as many as you want!


  1. Preheat your oven to 150°C fan (170°C conv) and line two baking trays with baking paper.
  2. Cream the butter and sugars until pale. Add in the egg then the vanilla, flour, salt and bicarb. Mix until well combined and smooth.
  3. Take a tablespoon and form large walnut sized balls of biscuit mixture. Place them on the baking trays - well spaced as they spread a lot (they are easy to separate so don't be too worried about them joining up during baking) and press in choc chips. Four per biscuit looks like a lot when they're a ball but looks like nothing once they're cooked - so be generous rather than mean.
  4. Bake for 15 minutes - the biscuits will spread and start to pick up a hint of brown at the edges. Depending on your oven you may want to keep an eye on them from the 10-12 minute mark. In my oven - 15 minutes was perfect.
  5. The recipe will make between 16 and 20 biscuits. The biscuits do end up quite large but they are also quite flat so they are not like the biscuits you get in cafes that are often as big as your head.
  6. Remove from the oven and allow to cool ever so slightly before carefully moving on to racks to cool completely.
  7. Eat!

Night Noodle Markets, Adelaide


Disclaimer: I was a guest at the launch party for the Night Noodle Markets

Apparently the Night Noodle Markets have been a Sydney institution for years now … and finally it’s Adelaide’s turn. The first ever Adelaide Night Noodle Markets launched last night and I headed along to Sean’s Kitchen for the launch party and followed that up with a quick wander around the markets themselves. The markets have taken over Station Road and all through the Festival Centre precinct and there’s a huge range of restaurants (and other food suppliers) taking part, along with the all important beverages, thanks to both Coopers and Yalumba. Entertainment is also covered, with over 40 performers taking part. 20150924_193551_LLS

James Laing, Head of Food for Fairfax Events, said that the aim with the Night Noodle Markets is to encourage people to make a night out of more than just one event during the OzAsia Festival. You can head to the Night Noodle Markets for an after work drink or snack, before heading to show and then perhaps meet up with friends, take in a late show … The markets are open every week day from 5pm and for those with smaller people in tow, on the weekends things kick off at midday. The Markets run until 4 October so you only have 10 days to take them in.


At the launch, we were treated to a really impressive range of finger food. My personal favourite was the curry udon noodles. Japanese curry is a much underrated thing and these noodles really hit the spot. The Cambodian buns (I guess the Cambodian equivalent of banh mi) were also delicious and the crackling that came with the roast pork (served with sriracha on the side) was so good I would have been happy to eat a LOT more of it!

I even managed to periscope some kitchen action: