MP3 Cafe, Brighton

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date of visit: December 2011

Something I really, really hate to come across in anything pretending to be a restaurant is a laminated menu. Sure – it might be durable and easy to clean but for a start they get tatty really easily and secondly they show up just how unseasonal your menu actually is.

MP3 is a case in point. It was a warm summer evening and the menu had lamb shanks on it. Seriously, lamb shanks in the middle of summer.

To compensate for the limitations of such a menu MP3 has masses of specials – and not only does this (I suspect) confuse customers, I know from experience that it confuses the staff. At some point a restaurant has to realise that it’s impossible to please every single diner and to flood your menu with dishes in an attempt to make every customer’s mouth salivate is just not going to work.

I wish I could say that my little rant was over. But no, it’s not. We managed to score a waiter who was working her first shift. I’m firmly of the opinion that managers of any customer facing team need to make sure that staff are prepared for the moment they do face the customer. In our case, our waiter was not. On the night we were there, the menu offered two variations on salt and pepper squid – one was on the laminated menu and one was on the specials board. I didn’t know which one I wanted, our waiter didn’t seem to know the difference and once she had taken our order the manager had to come out and verify the whole thing. And he was pretty woolly on the squid dishes too.

It transpires I’d ordered an entrĂ©e sized squid dish. The squid itself was OK and it was served with a non descript salad. What totally ruined the whole dish was the fact that it was all drowning in sweet chilli sauce. That was not good.

We only had the one course and, using our Entertainment Card meant that it was a very cheap meal for four (after discount aobut $85). Cheap, but not good value.

Not one I’ll go to again.

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