Meal Planner 4

Punjabi Chicken Curry

Another Saturday morning and I hope you’re all busy thinking about what to eat for the week ahead and maybe what to bake this weekend!

I’ve got a busy food weekend ahead of me as plans are now well under way for the toddler’s third birthday party. This weekend will see one traybake being made (destined for the freezer) and a practice run on the birthday cake (which is going to be my first foray into cake decorating that’s not just slapping chocolate ganache all over a cake!).

This week’s sweet treat (a sour cream and chocolate cake) is VERY sweet. There are plenty of annotations in the recipe for those who might want to adjust things as they go!

The meal planner (print friendly – image free) kicks off in true meat-free Monday style with one of my favourite things to eat: falafels. There’s also an easy chicken curry, hot smoked salmon with soba noodles, Japanese style, and simple beef and pork dishes.

Each week in the meal planner I aim to cover a range of proteins as well as styles of food so there’s bound to be at least one recipe which will work for your family.

The meal planner is published every Saturday morning, and if you subscribe to Eating Adelaide by email you’ll be sure not to miss one!

Meal Planner

Marbled Chocolate Brownies

This week’s meal planner (print friendly – no background image) features a couple of dishes which will suit cooler days of the week, including chicken biryani and sausages with lentils and feta.  

And if you’re looking for something healthy, you really can’t go past the quick, light and extremely tasty salmon en papillote.

I really recommend giving at least the chicken biryani a try because we loved it!

And for a sweet treat, the marbled chocolate brownies not only taste great, they look impressive too.

Another Meal Planner

Coffee & Poppyseed Cake

Yes, I know … late again as it’s Saturday afternoon in Adelaide: you’re half way through the weekend and thinking about what to wear to work on Monday rather than your shopping …

My excuse is that it’s actually only 7:30 am on Saturday here in the north of Spain and, to be honest, most of the time I actually have no idea what day of the week it is!

In response to feedback from last week’s menu planner (which was popular – thank you so much!), this week I’m providing you with a print friendly version (no background image) as well as a slightly prettier version to enjoy on screen. Take your pick!

Feedback of any kind is always welcome!