Meal Planner Number One!

Awesome chicken stir fry

I’m sorry this is appearing a little later than I hoped … nowhere near in time for a Saturday shop! But I had a few issues (ahem) getting the image in and I did want to make this look a little pretty!

So … here is the first Eating Adelaide Meal (or menu) Planner. Depending on your browser settings, this should open in your browser, so you can print, save, click through to the recipes at your leisure.

There are five dishes, plus a sweet treat. Each week the five main meals will be a cross section of proteins and cuisines. I’ve labelled the meals Monday to Friday but, er, obviously that’s not prescriptive! I’ve chosen five, rather than a full seven, because I figure that most people will have either a night out or a commitment that means that one or two nights a week are something super quick and easy. I know we certainly do!

The meal planner includes a shopping list which I’ve deliberately chosen NOT to pre-populate in anyway – because only YOU know what’s in your freezer or pantry!

I’ve found meal planning a great way of trying new recipes, having a much more varied diet AND saving money – so I hope you find these useful!

Of course, if there’s anything that’s missing or you just want to tell me what a great idea this is – please fire away!

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