Rosey’s Cafe, Unley

Big Breakfast at Rosey's

date of visit: Saturday 24 May 2014

Some of the best things in life are the unplanned things (something I could do with remembering occasionally …). Last Saturday saw us tootling around Unley mid-morning with tummies starting to grumble. We had finished all our chores (the best way to describe shopping for a shower screen) and coffee, at a minimum, was in order.

Rosey’s was chosen on nothing more scientific than the fact that it was in the right spot (the toddler currently walks about 2 metres before exclaiming “my legs are tired from all this walking”) and had a table free. We sat inside but Rosey’s also has a very cute covered courtyard – complete with blankets ready for the chilly weather.

I was all geared up for coffee and cake but, because Andy decided to have the big breakfast, I felt my arm twisted and ordered scrambled eggs with a side of chipolatas. With the toddler, you never know how much of your own food you’re likely to eat, so it’s always best to order more … Even though he’d already announced he wanted a chocolate brownie.

Coffees and a bottle of water under way we had only a short wait for our breakfasts. I personally think that scrambled eggs are always a marvellous test of a venue and Rosey’s eggs cut the mustard. Rather than a granular mess they were more like a very very soft folded omelette, with some chive running through them and arranged across some really good sourdough bread from Mylor Bakery.

Scrambled eggss& chipolatas at Rosey's

The chipolatas (a serve of 3, I was allowed to eat 1) were dense and full of flavour. Andy’s big breakfast was big and, aside from the mushrooms, was demolished smartly. Some reviews on urbanspoon complain that bacon is missing (it’s not – see the picture!) and one noted that the mushrooms were very vinegar-y. Yes, the mushrooms have been finished with a splash of Balsamic vinegar and yes, it is noticeable but I found them more than acceptable. The big breakfast was served across the same Mylor Bakery bread.

The chocolate brownies at Rosey’s are supposed to be amazing – but I wouldn’t know as I wasn’t allowed to try any. My child ploughed through half the brownie before pausing to eat chipolatas and then polished it off.

And the coffee? It was excellent.

The best part of our brunch at Rosey’s was the price. Yes, the big breakfast is $20 (it is a significant amount of food) but we left having spent $46. Considering that often we find ourselves spending close to $30 for coffee and cake for the three of us, this represented a bargain. My eggs were just $10 and would have been ample had I not known I was going to have to share.

Unfortunately for us, Rosey’s is a bit far from home to become a regular haunt, but anywhere that takes enough pride in its food to serve such good bread (and good eggs) gets a big tick from me.

Rosey’s CafĂ©
139 Unley Road
Unley SA 5061
phone: 08 7225 0690

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