Windy Point Cafe


disclaimer: I was a guest of Windy Point.
date of visit: Tuesday 28 May 2013

Much much earlier this year (I really am that far behind!) I received an invitation from Windy Point to visit both the café and restaurant as the venue’s guest.

I took my mum along to the café and Andy and I had a really lovely meal at the restaurant (which, incidentally, has just picked up Best Restaurant at the Restaurant and Catering SA Awards). I don’t really think that the restaurant is the kind of place where furiously snapping photos is appropriate (if you know me, you’ll know I’m not that hot on photographing my food anyway, but I see it as rather a necessary evil), so instead you get photos and a review of the café. I will say that the meal Andy and I enjoyed at the restaurant was the best we’ve had there in the past few years.

The café is nestled downstairs from the restaurant and enjoys the same amazing views, but in a much more casual setting. Mum and I had a lovely table next to a window. It also happened that we were seated next to a table of two where the woman did nothing but complain loudly and incessantly about the lack of yoghurt dressing on her dish. Full marks to the staff for placating her (or, at least, attempting to – I doubt she’d have been happy no matter what they did).


Unexpected entertainment aside, mum and I opted for mains only, to ensure there was space for dessert. Mum chose the slow braised beef short loin rib with spinach and three sauces and I, rather predictably, opted for angel hair pasta with prawn, crab and chilli … you know the score. The food was really lovely. Mum enjoyed her beef and I loved the pasta. Even though I might not have been imaginative in my choice, it was great that Windy Point had put its own twist on this dish by having it deliver a healthy kick of anise, thanks to some tarragon.

We decided to share the poached rhubarb and strawberry dessert, which turned out to be a wise decision because it was quite heavy on the strawberry component (and I am really not bothered by strawberries at all). It was a very pretty dish, and all those beautiful almonds provided a lovely crunch. I would have been happy had it been rhubarb alone!

With main courses all hovering around the $30 mark Windy Point Café is not the cheapest café meal you’ll ever eat, but it probably is one of the classiest. If you’re after the same calibre of food as in the restaurant (the menus are similar but not identical) but a more relaxed environment (perhaps you are a large group or have some boisterous children or adults with you), then the café is definitely for you.

The café is open for dinner Tuesday to Saturday, and is open for breakfast/brunch/lunch on Sundays.

Windy Point Café
Windy Point Road
Belair SA 5052
phone: 8278 8255
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