Amarin Thai 2

The parent company of Amarin Thai 2, Jusuda Pty Ltd, has gone in to liquidation.  The restaurant is no longer open.

date of visit:  Wed 28 October 2009

Sometimes you can have a night out and, in many respects, everything is good but there is one small thing that mars the evening and it is that thing that springs to mind every time you recall the occasion.

That’s our mid-week dinner at Amarin Thai 2.  It was a lovely evening, the food was good verging on excellent and the price was more than right.  And the service was sloppy.  Guess which bit I find easiest to remember?

It was a warm Wednesday evening and, over an apéritif (that would be a Coopers or two) at the Exeter we discussed dinner.  There is something about balmy weather which makes me crave spicy, yet light, food so Thai is always high on the agenda.  Amarin Thai 2, on the south side of Rundle Street, offered reasonably sheltered outdoor seating, sensibly priced meals and it wasn’t too busy.

We chose our table so we were shielded from Rundle Street’s hustle and bustle by pot plants and started by ordering drinks.  This normally isn’t too tricky, but for some reason we struggled.  Andy ordered a Singha and the response was “I don’t think we have any”.  We’re talking about 7pm on a weekday, the restaurant had about 5 other patrons – surely you know if you have what is arguably the Thai beer.  I ordered a glass of Gewürztraminer.  It transpired there was a sole Singha left but no Gewürz.  I changed to a Riesling

The food caused no such issues.  We began by sharing a spicy squid salad which was delicious:  cool but not cold, full of flavour spicy but not searing and laced with all the flavours you’d expect from Thai food (onion, lemongrass, coriander).  For main course Andy chose what I would describe as a Thai version of popcorn chicken, which really does the dish a disservice!  At the end of the day, it was battered, fried chicken served in a spicy Thai style sauce with plenty of filler vegetables like capsicum and onion.  But it tasted good!

I ordered the chicken larb in an entrée size.  Although the flavours were good this is normally a dish which is scary in its spiciness.  Amarin Thai 2’s version was just a little tame …

The bill, for 2 entrées, a main, shared rice, a beer and a glass of Riesling came to $66. After our Entertainment Book discount, we paid $50. To be honest, I’m not sure I could complain about either price were it not for the indifferent service.

Things didn’t start well with the drinks issues, and I could have dealt with being asked if I were ready for my main course, but clearing my plate while Andy was still eating was just plain rude. The usual excuse (the restaurant was busy and staff are trying to turn tables, which, by the way, doesn’t cut it) certainly didn’t apply. It was just sheer thoughtlessness.

And, if you’re wondering, yes, I had to go to the till to ask for our bill and yes, I was given the bill for a different table.

Amarin Thai 2

Casual Thai on Rundle Street

Good, sensibly priced food doesn’t compensate for sloppy service.

Rating:2.5 stars

6 thoughts on “Amarin Thai 2

    1. Hello ‘yes yes yes’ – we definitely ate at Amarin Thai 2 on Rundle Street on 28 October. I may even still have the receipt and my bank statement definitely shows a payment to the parent company for that date. I am not sure what other facts you would have me check.

      At the top of this post I clearly note that the restaurant is no longer open. I am aware that there is/was a sister restaurant on Tynte Street and perhaps this restaurant has been closed since early October. However, I cannot comment on that as I have not been there and have not rung to check if it is still open.

      I only post reviews of restaurants at which I have actually eaten. There would be very little to be gained from posting a reasonably positive review about a long closed restaurant.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  1. The Amarin Thai Restaurant in North Adelaide is certainly still open and you can see some information about it here.. It is a shame that Amarin Thai 2 is closed now but Rundle Street just like Gouger Street is about as competitive as it gets in Adelaide for restaurants.

    Perhaps your review gives us a bit of an idea why it has closed! As I understand it, service was always the issue at this restaurant. It is so important for restaurants to get it right for long term survival.

    1. Rundle Street also seems to be turning into a street full of clothes shops – perhaps making restaurant survival even trickier!

      I’ll add Amarin Thai in North Adelaide to my ever expanding list!

  2. I have eaten many times at AT2.

    The service did become sloppy to the end because the owner did a runner with all of it’s takings and didn’t pay the staff. Some left and others stayed in hope one of the past partners would return. This didn’t happen and the new perspective owners were great however they go jerked around by the liquidator. I knowthis because I was an employee. I do miss the place as it was great when these issues weren’t present however I learnt service is also a way to measure the way an employer treats their staff. If only the new interested owners didn’t get screwed around by the liquidator, it would be still open, better than ever and I would be still worker in what probably was the the best thai restaurant in Adelaide.

    1. It’s always a shame when staff get treated badly – and employees always tend to be at the end of the list as creditors. Hopefully you’re working somewhere good now!

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