Feast Magazine


SBS’s new Feast magazine launches officially on 1 August. If, like me, you’re a subscriber, your copy probably arrived today.

The magazine’s by-line is “experiencing life through food” – so it’s not surprising the magazine focusses on Australian food with a decidedly international flavour. The first issue has everything from Vietnamese through to Ethiopian and Argentinian.

And speaking of Argentinian … that’s an article well worth checking out. Why? Well, the words are by me! The photographs are absolutely amazing too. I was there the day the photos were shot and there was no food styling at all – just an incredible photographer who obviously understands a lot about lighting and composition.

I haven’t yet had a chance to devour the entire magazine but I’ve already spotted quite a few recipes I’m going to have to investigate further (there’s a whole feature on doughnuts, what’s not to like) and the whole production looks beautiful.

It’s a monthly magazine and it retails for $6.50, although there’s a generous discount if you subscribe.

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