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On Wednesday night I chatted to Peter Godfrey about gluten free eating. While you’re probably aware I eat anything and everything, I’m always on the look out for gluten free recipes because a family member is a coeliac. As I mentioned to Peter, when we first cooked for my aunt (in the order of 25-30 years ago) the gluten free requirement caused a bit of panic and some careful menu planning. Now, all that panic seems really daft! But it demonstrates how much more information we now have (and largely thanks to the internet) and cooking gluten free is really easy.

I have been tagging recipes on Eating Adelaide as gluten free, but I tend to do this only when it’s a recipe you’d expect to contain gluten. So there are many other gluten free recipes on the site!

I’ve found really successful flour substitutes for baking have been things like rice flour and polenta (polenta and almond meal in a cake is absolutely delicious!). Besan (or chickpea or garbanzo) flour is a great substitute in a batter and I’ve seen it used in quite a few cake recipes but I’m yet to try that out myself.

Of course – there are plenty of great desserts where flour just doesn’t feature at all. Anything featuring a meringue will do the trick nicely!

Savoury wise, for crumbing (schnitzels, of course!), use a mixture of polenta and parmesan cheese, or polenta, almond meal and parmesan cheese.

What’s your favourite gluten free recipe or hint?

3 thoughts on “Gluten Free Goodies

  1. I’ve been following your blog for a while now, thanks for the heads-up on some fine Adelaide eateries. And now for the plug, i work for a local company that Only sells Glutin free product.

    although i endorse i personally will not benefit from this .

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment! I’m sure we’ve had your sausages before but I had no idea that Slape & Sons was a local company OR that all the products were gluten free. Now I’ll be sure to look out for your sausages in future!

  2. Too much gluten isn’t actually good for anyone as it is the sticky part of the wheat -as kids some of relied on it by mixing flour and water to make glue for our papercraft. Our villi in our small bowel deteriorate/weaken with age and become more susceptible to gluten damage as the gluten damages the top of the very fine villi and reduces absorption. Tip: reduce gluten intake as you age!!
    Red Quinoa is highly nutritious and looks great in salads; I use it with fetta, both pommegranate seeds & juice, walnuts and mixed lettuce.

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