The Kytons Fruchoc Hot Cross Bun


disclaimer: I was sent some of these hot cross buns to try. I did share them.

Easter is just around the corner. Seriously. It’s super early this year. Petrol prices have risen. I daresay Haighs is packed with shoppers already and no doubt the supermarkets are overflowing with the annual panic buying that accompanies a four day long weekend.

So if you’re not a baker but you are out buying, Kytons Bakery and FruChocs have paired up to create a truly South Australian hot cross bun. You get the spiciness of the hot cross bun, combined with both chocolate and the peach and apricot flavours of the FruChocs.

Quite obviously a hot cross bun for the sweet tooths and/or die-hard South Australians in your life!

The hot cross buns are available in all Drake and Romeo Foodlands and you may well spot them in many other IGAs or independent supermarkets.  There is also a pop up store at West Lakes.

Both RobernMenz, which produces FruChocs, and Kytons Bakery, are locally owned companies with a very long South Australian history between them. So make sure you push your hot cross bun money towards these businesses.

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