Leo Burdock, Dublin


date of visit: Tuesday 23 October 2012

Our little apartment in Dublin overlooked Liffey Street – very central and packed with small restaurants and bars. From our balcony we could see the excitingly named (and sadly unvisited) Gin Palace, the grandly named (and very much not living up to its name) Epicurean Food Court and Leo Burdock‘s fish and chips – since 1913.

In theory, part of the appeal of an apartment was that we could cook our own meals but that never quite happened. However, with plenty to eat nearby, takeaway was a very practical option. Someone could stop in with the sleeping toddler and two (we were travelling with a friend) could pop out and source food.

Fish and chips isn’t a choice that requires too much menu inspection so I stayed in and waited for my dinner to turn up.

When it did I arrive I was shocked by the price. Overall, we didn’t find Dublin particularly expensive, but €10 for a portion of fish and chips? It had better be the world’s best fish and chips …

Which it wasn’t. The chips rated highly – they were a good size and nicely cooked. The fish itself was quite well cooked but the batter was a bit too thick, stodgy and doughy for me.

Apparently the shop itself contains a list of famous clientele. I don’t know how you’d verify this but Andy noted that both LLCoolJ and Justin Bieber’s family had visited. I suspect not on the same occasion.

I didn’t see see any other chip shops in our wanderings, and Burdock’s is a chain – perhaps it’s the Irish Harry Ramsden – so I suspect they have the tourist market, at least, all sewn up.

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