A Meal Planner – Just Before Christmas!

Cheese Twists

Yep – Christmas cheer and the general hectic nature of things at this time of year has got to me too … I’ve got to the point ALREADY that I’d really like a quiet week at home with absolutely nothing on.

I’m sure as soon as that happens I’ll be wondering what to do with myself!

This late (or, indeed, very late) meal planner (print friendly version) I’ve put together with the idea that most of the dishes have at least a component that would fit as a canapé or something you could serve at a party. The Moroccan fish is based around chermoula which would definitely work as a dip. The smoked salmon tart could be made in advance and served room temperature at a party, as could the Moroccan meatballs. And the san choy bow you could downsize to be finger food.

Rather than a sweet treat, this week I’ve gone for the super easy cheese twists that you can make in advance and have in the freezer, ready to cook if you’re faced with unexpected guests.

Adelaide’s rolling towards a 40°C summer day on Friday so if you want to turn your oven on, best off that you do it now!

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