Did you miss me on Peter Godfrey’s show on 5AA last week, talking about group buying deals? You can listen above. My own experiences have been positive but I’ve also been very careful – I wait until the deal is nearly closed to buy, so I can gauge how snowed under the business is likely to be, and I don’t buy another deal until I’ve used the last one.

Peter’s also been kind enough to supply some statistics (and how I love numbers!) and by far the most popular audio (no doubt helped by being the oldest!) has been our first chat about chocolate brownies – with close to 800 listens!

The recipe we talked about then was this caramel and chocolate brownie. I’m not surprised that this has so many hits – things chocolatey are amongst the most popular on Eating Adelaide: particularly my recipe for chocolate ganache (which recently received some very positive comments at my day job, too!) and Jamie Oliver’s chocolate pudding.

If there’s something non-chocolatey I should be writing about, or talking to Peter about … make sure to let me know!

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