ice cream
House made ice cream

date of visit: Saturday 16 July 2016
disclaimer: I was a guest at the launch

50sixone (the name is, indeed, Hyde Park’s postcode) is the latest addition to King William Road. Although it’s billed as the street’s newest dessert bar, it will actually serve you plenty of savoury food too. It opens at 7am – and if red velvet pancakes first thing are not your thing, then you do have plenty of interesting choices.

The launch party was (bravely I think!) held on a Saturday morning. It was great weather, King William Road was busy and 50sixone was filling up with Adelaide food lovers and media.

While we enjoyed some bubbles (civilised at any time of day) we were able to take in the fit out and photograph an array of full size dishes that had been pre-prepared. After the official opening by Unley’s Lord Mayor, Robert Clyne, we were then treated to a selection of mini-treats from the kitchen.

salmon and fennel
the full size ‘salmon and fennel’ – $21

We had little smoked salmon canapés based on the menu’s ‘salmon and fennel’ followed by the smoked salmon slider from the ‘breakfast sliders’ trio. Our final savoury taster was the crispy corn fritter which was lovely. The fritter really was crispy and it was topped with a bacon jam.

breakfast sliders
‘breakfast sliders’ – smoked salmon slider on far left – $17

Then it was on to things sweet. Mini red velvet pancakes, peanut butter ice cream sandwich (which you’ll find on the menu as ‘between two cookies’ – your choice of ice cream) and then Andy and I wrapped up by sharing the ‘Oreo you glad to see me’ shake. Unless you’re a particularly thirsty sweet tooth, I’d suggest ensuring you find a friend to share a shake with – they’re not small!

oreo milkshake topped with zeppola and cream
Oreo you glad to see me? – $17

I really enjoyed everything I tried, particularly the smoked salmon slider. Obviously, for hardened dessert fans, this place will be heaven but it’s great to see that other tastes have been catered to too. The ice cream is housemade and looked absolutely amazing – and if you’re really keen you can pre-order Australia’s most expensive ice cream. It might be $55 a pop but it is all layered up with gold leaf!

There’s been a lot of hype around 50sixone’s launch and I understand that at the moment it can be ridiculously busy. I almost returned in the final week of school holidays (until my friend and I realised that we’d never get our five year olds to eat anything but ice cream!) which might have been a bit chaotic for me. However, I definitely plan to head back and check out both a savoury dish and some of that ice cream.

144a King William Road
Hyde Park SA 5061
phone: 8271 2003

Variety on King William Road Menu Launch


Disclaimer: I was a guest at the launch

20151001_124633Ichitaro Dining’s canapés

If you’ve been reading for a year or more, you’ll know that last year I attended the menu launch for the annual Variety on King William Road lunch, which is part of the Adelaide Fashion Festival. If you know me personally you’ll know I wasn’t invited on account of my sartorial awesomeness … I was fortunate enough to be invited again this year but unfortunately I’m not able to bring you a wrap up of the entire menu because real life (that is, work) got in the way of what should have been a smashing afternoon out. However, I was able to attend the very first part of the launch and, from what I saw, yet again, punters will be spoiled with a very impressive showing from the restaurants and providores of King William Road. Our experience started at Ichitaro Dining with a glass of bubbles and two of the canapés: a sushi style morsel including both quinoa and rice and some crispy chicken, marinated in yuzu and topped with an edamame based paste. Definitely keep your eyes out for this one!


At Bottega Rotolo

We then headed down the road to Bottega Rotolo for more canapés. A leek and Gruyère quiche was pipped by the lovely crème fraîche tartelette, served with smoked salmon. As there were some left overs, I was not the only person sneaking in a second helping …


Faraja’s stuffed chicken breast

Next door, Faraja was ready to serve us the first of the mains. A chicken breast, stuffed with spinach and hazelnuts topped with an orange hollandaise and served with asparagus and a potato galette. I’m not a huge fan of orange so the hollandaise didn’t really float my boat but the chicken was well cooked and the stuffing was great (it seems such like an obvious combination now I’ve eaten it).

Unfortunately, at this point I had to leave so I missed out on the other main course (a Spring lamb salad by Parisi’s) and dessert (a chocolate tart by By Blackbird and a lime custard by Mulot’s).

On Thursday we had amazing weather, unbelievable transport provided by Mercedes-Benz Adelaide and were joined by the face of Variety on King William, Katya Komarova. The actual lunch will be held on Friday 23 October and guests will dine on a closed off section of the road. Tickets are $140 a head and can be purchased at King William Road. Lunch kicks off at midday.

If you can’t make lunch, you will still be able to join in as the footpaths will be open as will all shops, restaurants and cafés.

Huge thanks to Little Lion PR for the invitation to the launch event – it’s always interesting to meet bloggers who write about things other than food and (in the case of fashion bloggers) check out what they are wearing!

Cotto Espresso King William Road – Launch Party


date of launch: Wednesday 7 May 2014

While everyone takes note of a new bar opening (or is that just me?!), a new café on the scene is often a little more low key.

Not so Cotto Espresso which opened officially today (Thursday) and held its launch party last night.

Cotto Espresso is a vibrant, bright orange little café on King William Road. There’s a narrow bar at the front, for grabbing a quick coffee and pastry, and some seating at the rear.

Cotto even has a charity partner, the Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation, and proceeds from the sales of the first day of trading were donated to the hospital’s Mother’s May campaign.

The launch party saw coffee flowing freely, with a guest appearance by an orange Lamborghini. As you do!

Cotto will not only sell you coffee – an impressive range of sandwiches and (house made) pastries was on display. And the ice cream looked amazing.

The good news is that there are already plans for future Cotto Espressos in both Glenelg and Prospect, so hopefully there will be one near you soon.


Cotto Espresso
173 King William Road
Hyde Park SA 5061

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