FAQ, Magill Road

date of visit:  Saturday 23 July 2011

We were off early this morning, puttering about all over the countryside ticking off some DIY and house decorating chores. Our usual leisurely weekend routine (be woken by cats around 0600, be woken by baby around 0730, eventually feed selves around 1100) was disrupted and before we knew it it was time for coffee and cake. OK – in my world, it’s ALWAYS time for coffee and cake, but this morning even Andy felt the need for caffeine and sugar.

And there, fortuitously, just over the road, was a café called FAQ. It’s a lovely bright and clean space, decorated in white and green. Even the high chair in the corner matched the rest of the décor. There wasn’t a massive selection of cakes and pâtisserie but there was enough. I chose a chocolate fudge biscuit and Andy went for vanilla slice (apparently the king of cakes). We ordered a couple of coffees.

The cakes came out quickly but the coffees took an absolute age. Hardly apt for a café which claims to be Fresh And Quick. While we were waiting Andy polished off his vanilla slice and I made my way through most of my biscuit. While we were eating our cakes we were approached by a rather dour lady, carrying plates, who uttered “Soup?”. Yeah – because most people go into a café and order sweets to go on with before their soup arrives …

Even Andy, whose patience far exceeds mine, started to look around wondering where our coffees were. They did eventually arrive and they were pretty good (Andy actually described his long black as ‘very good’ – I’m starting to sound like I was in a bad mood this morning, which I wasn’t).

The door of FAQ was home to a flyer: they’re after staff with coffee experience. Let’s hope new staff members are happy, cheerful types, who can make a coffee quickly and can manage tables.

161 Magill Road, Stepney, SA, 5069
phone: +61 8 8362 1127