March Against Monsanto

Food security is going to be one of the big challenges that faces our planet as population grows and distribution of wealth remains unequal. Supply chains are becoming longer and more complex, as is food labelling.

This year alone we have seen horse meat labelled as beef being sold in the UK, with a surprising amount of confusion about where the meat might actually have come from. Even more recently, a huge number of arrests were made in China in relation to rat and fox meat being sold for human consumption, labelled as mutton or beef.

These incidents demonstrate how important it is to be vigilant and how important it is for us as consumers to try to keep the producers honest.

The role of Big Ag (Agriculture) when it comes to feeding the world might be considered contentious. Many people feel uncomfortable with the stranglehold that it seems to be wielding in so many areas. If you are one of those then you may be interested in the forthcoming March Against Monsanto, which is coming up on Saturday 25 May at 11am outside Parliament House.

As regular readers will know this is not a food politics blog, but I suggest that if this sounds like it might be your thing, do some reading and find out if you should head along.

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