Your Tea – English Breakfast Tea

20151208_082112Disclaimer: I was sent the tea to review

Amongst the many things I love drinking, tea has a significant spot in the hierarchy. If I were ever told I had to give up drinking tea, there would, quite possibly, be trouble.

I know that the way I drink it (weak, lots of milk, no sugar) is for many people quite wrong – one of my friends even refers to it as homeopathic strength – but I like to think that my approach strikes a good balance between antioxidants, hydration and caffeine. At least, that’s what I would tell myself if I ever felt that I needed to justify my habits!

So when Your Tea offered to send me one of the new Cafe Teas, I was never going to say no.

There is a huge range of flavours available – everything from English Breakfast (my boring choice!) through to rather novel combinations like chocolate rooibos and strawberry sencha. I’m not big on flavoured teas so I figured I’d stick with something I actually know about.

In addition, I also tried this tea out on a fellow big tea drinking friend (she drinks hers strong, with only a little milk and sugar).

The bags are fine mesh pyramid bags and the tea is strong, developing flavour and colour quickly. Even though I’m a weak tea drinker, I think this is a good thing. The box and bags are also very ‘tea dust’ free – which I believe is the sign of a good quality tea bag. 20151208_082138

Flavour wise the tea is robust. It’s a good, clean tea flavour which both my friend and I enjoyed.

In addition to the cafe range, Your Tea also sells a range of mood teas (yes, they even sell a Hangover Tea!) and body teas, which are based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Travel mugs, a face cream and gift boxes are also available. The cafe teas are all $13.95 for 25 tea bags, with the mood teas and body teas individually priced. The gift boxes are a good way of trying a mix of teas, if you can’t make a decision.