date of visit:  March 2010

The latest addition to Rundle Street, Adelaide is the very green Zambrero – the home of some very fresh, very fast Mexican food.

As I have the luxury of working around the corner I’ve been able to check out Zambrero not once, but twice.  On my first visit I opted for the Dos Capas – a taco wrapped in a tortilla, with the chicken filling, and plenty of salsa, salad and chilli sauce.  At around $5 this was almost the perfect lunch size for me … almost but not quite.

So on my next visit, I chose a beef burrito, not mentioned on the website.  First time around I’d been scared by how large they were, but I guess on the second visit I was feeling hungry or greedy … as by the time I was three quarters through my burrito I was well and truly full.  Not bad at all for $10.

The beef was definitely my favourite filling – laced with cumin, one of my favourite spices.  However, the Dos Capos was definitely nifty – the soft tortilla holds the taco (and filling) as it cracks and crumbles, so you can enjoy the pleasing crunch without ending up with filling down your front.

The salads are all super fresh – both times I’ve visited the small restaurant has been almost drowning in boxes of lettuces and avocados.  Most trade seems to be take away but there is a small dining area and the enthusiastic luncher can even take advantage of the margaritas on offer.  Apparently a beer garden is underway, which could make Zambrero a very dangerous place indeed … especially as Zambrero is open until 3am Fridays and Saturdays.

Tasty, fast Mexican

Rating:4.0 stars

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