Cupcake Camp Adelaide on Palate Press

With life getting more organised you should see an increase in activity on Eating Adelaide in 2010.  Coming up I’ve got recipes for trifle and tiramisu which are both great hot weather desserts since you can make them in advance and serve straight from the fridge.  Perfect, if, like me, you are sweltering away in 40°C (+) heat …

There are also some restaurant reviews lined up – have you ever eaten Uighur?  No … I didn’t think so!  So, to keep on top of all these good things that are happening, sign up to the Eating Adelaide RSS feed, our emails or follow us on facebook.  You can also follow me on twitter.

But before any of that happens, I have to make mention of my recent appearance on Palate Press.  I say ‘my’ but really, it was Monnie Kleine’s Cupcake Camp which was the star of the show.  Cupcake Camp took place in November to raise money for Camp Quality.  I made mention of it while I was busy perfecting a cupcake recipe, and the piece on Palate Press is a round up of the day’s action.

Since Cupcake Camp, Monnie has started her own business, Cupcake Treats.  If you’re in Adelaide and you need cupcakes … you know where to go!

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