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Those of you who live in Adelaide and sit up late might have caught me on Peter Godfrey’s show on 5AA last night.

I was first up on the show and we chatted about a few things – dessert bars in Adelaide (did you know they’re pretty much unknown in Sydney?), chocolate brownies, including gluten free brownies, and even wine.

It was great to chat to Peter: it’s always lovely to talk to someone who’s a fan of both Eating Adelaide AND chocolate brownies!

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Chesser Cellar

The Chesser Cellar

photo by Stephen Mitchell

A guest review today – my father has put together his thoughts on The Chesser Cellar. I haven’t been there since a graduation lunch well over 10 years ago so I’d be interested to know what other Adelaide diners think. Judging by the 55% on UrbanSpoon perhaps my father’s experience is not atypical.

date of visit: Friday 18 November 2011

Having dined at the Chesser Cellar in the past and found it to be an excellent venue, I decided that my interstate friends would find it charming if not a little quaint. The food had been of a high standard and the prices would be a pleasant surprise for those used to the excesses on the eastern side of the island.

Whilst most of the above is still true, our food on this occasion was close to abysmal. The meatless goat curry was just the start of the problems and the half-hearted attempts to pacify one guest were less than satisfactory. Instead of taking the dish away and offering an alternative, a small dish of meat arrived a few minutes later. By this time the goatless curry was cold, and there was an obsequious “no charge for the meal sir”. One would hope not, as he went away hungry apart from an entrée of oysters.

There were five of us on this visit and apart from the goatless curry, one had a steak and pronounced it excellent, and three steak and kidney pies were ordered. One person thought the pie “alright” and one declared his to be so dry that no amount of gravy was going to improve it. Mine was less than “alright” in as much I thought it somewhat tasteless and the pastry was pallid and wan. I suspected this pastry had been made a long time before this lunch and had dried out before being heated. Maybe the pies are made
a week in advance and wait patiently in the refrigerator for Fridays. Who knows?

A disappointing outing for all but one of us.

Not on my list of places to visit anymore.

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Cupcake Camp Adelaide on Palate Press

With life getting more organised you should see an increase in activity on Eating Adelaide in 2010.  Coming up I’ve got recipes for trifle and tiramisu which are both great hot weather desserts since you can make them in advance and serve straight from the fridge.  Perfect, if, like me, you are sweltering away in 40°C (+) heat …

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But before any of that happens, I have to make mention of my recent appearance on Palate Press.  I say ‘my’ but really, it was Monnie Kleine’s Cupcake Camp which was the star of the show.  Cupcake Camp took place in November to raise money for Camp Quality.  I made mention of it while I was busy perfecting a cupcake recipe, and the piece on Palate Press is a round up of the day’s action.

Since Cupcake Camp, Monnie has started her own business, Cupcake Treats.  If you’re in Adelaide and you need cupcakes … you know where to go!