Eat.Drink.Blog 3

If you read a lot of Australian food blogs you may have noticed a flurry of posts talking about Eat.Drink.Blog 3 – the third annual Australian food (and wine) bloggers’ conference, held here in Adelaide on Sunday 3 November.

Although the conference proper was held on the Sunday activities kicked off on Saturday with attendees able to attend a writing workshop hosted by keynote speaker Dianne Jacob, or to enjoy trips to either the Barossa or McLaren Vale, kindly put on by SATC. A dinner was held on Saturday night at the Hilton before the conference on Sunday.

The conference had a ton of speakers, covering a variety of topics relevant to bloggers, as well as some workshops.

At the time all this was going on I was actually trapped in a tin can (that’s an aircraft), cruising at 30000ft and heading home after three weeks in the UK.

However, as I was part of the organising committee I was invested in everything going smoothly, even though I wasn’t there for the pointy end of things! Everything I’ve seen, read and heard suggests that everyone had a fantastic time and that everyone loved Adelaide (as they should).

You can check out the full list of attendees, but a special mention must go to my fellow committee members: Amanda, Celeste, Christina, Erin, Kirsty and Natasha.

A huge thank you to all the sponsors, but especially the conference’s major sponsor, the South Australian Tourism Commission.

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