Meal Planner 5

Pork Chops & Cabbage

This week’s meal planner features a real mix of recipes. Here in Adelaide the weather is very changeable – the early part of the week is going to be warm but then it will be much cooler as we head to the weekend.

So to that end I’ve chosen some recipes that need time in the oven (Marcus Wareing’s amazing pork chop recipe) as well as one that will work just as well on the BBQ as it will on the stove (Xinjiang lamb). There’s Mexican, Italian and Thai inspired dishes too.

And for a sweet treat … chocolate and pistachio brownies. No matter how hot it is where you are, I’m sure having the oven on for half an hour is doable.

As always, there’s a pretty version for on-screen, and a print friendly version (no background image).

Have you had a favourite meal planner dish so far?  Let us all know, either below or on Facebook!

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