Giveaway: Nescafe Gold Single Origin Colombian Blend


Disclaimer: Nescafé sent me the above hamper of goodies, including a pack of the limited edition coffee.

Eating Adelaide has 5 packs of this limited edition coffee to give away … read on!

Even before I received my pack of goodies from Nescafé I was thinking about the fairest way to assess the new, limited edition, Nescafé Gold Single Origin Colombian coffee.

Andy said I should be making iced coffees but I’m not convinced that that’s how most instant coffee is used so I decided on a blind taste test. We have both ground and instant coffee at home so Andy was dispatched (despite complaining that it was almost 10pm and he didn’t really want a coffee) and I set about setting up the taste test.

I’ll resist my urge to detail the setting up of the test. We had three coffees: 2 the Nescafé and 1 our normal. Andy tasted entirely blind and I tasted knowing the combination but not knowing which was which.

Coffee Taste Test

The results?

Coffee 1: tastes like instant coffee
Coffee 2: significantly nicer, tastes like proper coffee
Coffee 3: also nicer than 1, but I think it’s instant

Coffee 1: smells like instant (it REALLY smells like instant), it doesn’t taste too bad – it does have some richness to it
Coffee 2: smells loads better and tastes better too, it has some nice lingering bitterness which isn’t overpowering
Coffee 3: [the duplicate coffee so I didn’t bother]

We lifted up the glasses to see which was which … and (thankfully!) the Nescafé was coffees 2 and 3. We were both in agreement that this was a much better instant coffee than our current one. I don’t drink a lot of instant coffee – mainly because of the instant coffee smell – and I was impressed. I’d be happy to make this for guests and it would be brilliant in cooking – not to mention iced coffees!

There are only 5000 packs available, and you need to order online ($9.99, free delivery). If you like coffee (and particularly if you are a coffee snob) this is definitely worth trying.

However, if you’re still sceptical I do have FIVE packs to give away. To enter, leave a comment below detailing your favourite coffee moment. You’ll get an extra entry if you like Eating Adelaide on Facebook – so make sure you use the same name that you use on Facebook!

The competition will close at 5pm (Adelaide time) on Monday 5 November. The draw will be random. Australian residents only.

Get commenting and good luck!

17 thoughts on “Giveaway: Nescafe Gold Single Origin Colombian Blend

  1. My favorite coffee moment was last year while staying in a beach side resort and had really nice arabic coffee with a beautiful beach, great sunshine and especially with my lovely wife. Enjoying coffee with family is the most important relaxation in life after staying in the lab full day everyday.

  2. Last weekend was my one year wedding anniversary and my husband and I went up the river to camp for the night. After we’d successfully set up our tent we discovered we had left the pump for our mattress at home and would be sleeping on the ground… then when we drove to go fishing we accidentally left with our new lantern (still in it’s box) on the roof of the car and lost it. Fortunately, we had packed coffee and our portable stove and so my favourite moment was later that night under a canopy of amazing stars drinking coffee with my man! Nothing could be better!

  3. A cup of coffee when hubby is at work and I’ve just walked in the door from dropping the kids at school. bliss!
    And I “like” you on FB…!

  4. I love my coffee routing. A long black every morning ont he way to work. it relaxes me and sets me up for the day. I never feel quite right unless I have my morning coffee. This new brand looks really good and cannot wait to try it.

  5. I think my comment went astray I am not sure so i will try again. I have my early morning coffee routine. I get a long black on the way to work each and every day. It puts me in the right mood for the day and I am not so pleasant to be around if I cannot get my coffee fix. I love Columbian coffee and look forward to trying this special edition one.

  6. Best Coffee moment was waking up on the Houseboat with the sun in your eye’s and a coffee in your hand Mmmmmmmmm

  7. My favourite moment is when i finally get an hour to myself and i can relax with a good book and a blissful coffee

  8. I love to sip my coffee on my back deck, watching the birds, reading the papers, and quietly giving thanks for all the good things.

  9. Camping in the National Park and waking up to coffee as smooth as the Satin Bower Birds in the trees!

  10. My favourite coffee moment would have to be going to a cafe with my friends after our 9 o’clock lecture and getting a strong flat white with a blueberry muffin!

    And i liked you! 🙂

  11. Best coffee moment – the cappuccino I had at Sydney Airport after six weeks in Europe. Australia has the best coffee in the world, even at airports.

  12. Hi Alex,

    Missed you at the conference this weekend, hope you are having a wonderful time away. My best coffee experience is every single morning when Paul makes me a cuppa, he is a serious coffee dinker/maker/lover. Keen to try this coffee, got my fingers crossed.

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