Tasting Australia – Perfect Your Pasta

First take your Magimix...Mini Masterchef

Tasting Australia is coming up (26 April – 3 May) and there are a range of events on. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Kids in the Kitchen comprises 4 events across 2 days for children aged 8 – 12 (my own mini masterchef is a bit small …). They’re hands on cooking sessions with celebrity chefs. For the more competitive minded, there’s also the San Remo Junior Pasta Challenge where three finalists will cook a pasta dish from a mystery box of ingredients, with the first prize winner taking home $500 as well as a pile of San Remo goodies. Entry details are here and you need to make sure your entry is submitted by 2 April.

For those of us who are slightly older, there’s also some L-Plates sessions, giving you the opportunity to learn from the masters in classes of about 15. The sessions cover everything from bread making and brewing through to pasta (with Adelaide’s own Adam Swanson), olive oil and boning meats. Check out the program because there’s sure to be something of interest.

Hopefully we’ll get a chance to take a look at some other Tasting Australia events in the run up to the end of April.

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  1. Hi Alex, I just found your blog on the Blog Chicks website. I would love love to go to Tasting Australia, I’m in North QLD and it seems all the exciting events are down your way! Oh well an excuse for a trip. Happy blogging, Johanna.

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