San Remo Wholemeal Couscous

With the weather warming up, and the festive season well and truly upon us, I know I’ll be making much greater use of couscous than I do during the winter. I love making couscous based salads because not only are they tasty but they’re a great way of bulking up a meal without resorting to foods that make you feel hot like potatoes and rice.

I’ve never really thought about the fact that ‘normal’ couscous is usually made from refined wheat but it is: it’s essentially white pasta. So many people will be pleased to know than San Remo has introduced a wholemeal couscous. Naturally, this version of couscous is higher in fibre than white, but San Remo is confident that people will buy the product based on its distinctive nutty taste.

In addition, the San Remo website has had a revamp: you can now create your own recipe book and search for recipes where pasta (or couscous!) is allowed to be the star. There’s plenty of information about the full range of San Remo products too.

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