FruChocs World Recipes

ChurrosLand3thmbchurros with FruChoc dipping sauce

I’m always keen to wave a banner for South Australian goods, services and individuals. And I am also something of a food television programme junkie. Even the ones I don’t like, I find myself watching (although, at the moment, that may have something to do with the dearth of quality television …).

Cast your mind back a season to Channel 7’s My Kitchen Rules. I was convinced that there was no way that the two South Australian teams would be ‘allowed’ in the final but I was wrong, and Nic and Rocco fought it out against Leigh and Jennifer. Leigh and Jennifer triumphed and Leigh Sexton is now working with iconic South Australian brand, Robern Menz.

Leigh will be putting together recipes that explore the “flavours of the world” – all using the mighty FruChoc. So think croquembouche (France), churros (Spain) or kourabiedes (Greece).

The recipes will be available on the Robern Menz website.

And if you can’t hit the kitchen immediately here’s some trivia to digest.

Did you know that interstate the iconic FruChoc is actually known as a Menz Choc Apricot Ball? A mouthful, maybe, but true!

Menz FruChocs Shop Opens in Hahndorf

If you follow the Eating Adelaide Facebook page, you’ll know that I often post little news-y snippets there. This year it’s been all a bit gloom and doom, with pubs going into receivership, and iconic Australian brands (or their parent companies) heading the same way. We’ve said “bye-bye” to Darrell Lea and Rosella is looking for a buyer.

So I figured that some good news should make the site, rather than languishing in a Facebook feed.

Robern Menz has just expanded its retail outlets with a new store in Hahndorf: the Menz FruChoc Shop. The store opened on Wednesday and, in addition to just selling goodies, features a viewing window and a FruChoc fondue. Customers can purchase lollies from a lolly bar and then cover them with chocolate (and eat them!) on the spot.

Although branded as a FruChoc shop, the store does sell other Robern Menz products.

FruChocs have been part of South Australian scenery since 1948 and Robern Menz currently produces more than 40 million a year!

I guess we’d better all keep on eating them …