Menz FruChocs Shop Opens in Hahndorf

If you follow the Eating Adelaide Facebook page, you’ll know that I often post little news-y snippets there. This year it’s been all a bit gloom and doom, with pubs going into receivership, and iconic Australian brands (or their parent companies) heading the same way. We’ve said “bye-bye” to Darrell Lea and Rosella is looking for a buyer.

So I figured that some good news should make the site, rather than languishing in a Facebook feed.

Robern Menz has just expanded its retail outlets with a new store in Hahndorf: the Menz FruChoc Shop. The store opened on Wednesday and, in addition to just selling goodies, features a viewing window and a FruChoc fondue. Customers can purchase lollies from a lolly bar and then cover them with chocolate (and eat them!) on the spot.

Although branded as a FruChoc shop, the store does sell other Robern Menz products.

FruChocs have been part of South Australian scenery since 1948 and Robern Menz currently produces more than 40 million a year!

I guess we’d better all keep on eating them …