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date of visit: Saturday 14 April 2012

We stopped in at Europa for a quick coffee on a Saturday afternoon. The venue is both café (or espresso bar) and restaurant – the two are divided by the bar itself – and the outside seating follows suit.

As we were coffee and caking we sat on the café side, and set about ordering the requisite coffees, babycino and cakes. These were all ordered at the bar, and Andy returned with the edibles but the coffees were brought to the table.

The man behind the bar seemed a little grumpy, but the coffees themselves were fine. I’d ordered two biscuits: a hazelnut log and a coconut macaroon. Being brutally honest, I found both of them a little past their prime – particularly the hazelnut log, which was depressingly soft. However, Andy ordered a fruit danish and said it was really good. When pressed, he put it ahead of his cheesecake at Angs at Marion.

While I’d be happy to give the restaurant part of Europa a go, next time I’m at the Bay in search of a coffee I’ll no doubt be trying a new venue …

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2 thoughts on “Europa Espresso Glenelg

  1. I don’t have many memories of good food or coffee when I’m “down the bay”. Salsa down at grange or a couple of the Henley Beach cafes always seem more tempting and easier when it comes to parking and a decent experience.

  2. For Jetty Road so far Tasca Viva is the stand out but Jetty Rd seems to be becoming increasingly big brand homogenised. I’m going to be sussing out Bracegirdles in the next couple of weeks so stand by!

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